SA's Best Places To Live

With help and research from Pam Golding Properties and Absa, Business Times has compiled a list of the top 10 places to live in South Africa in 2010. Finding places that would suit every potential buyer is difficult, so the emphasis of this survey was on the average middle to upper class family looking for a home in a vibrant area with a host of amenities and attractions nearby.

Published: 21 November 2010 - Brendan Peacock

Westwood Estate

Westville Estate - February 2009

Published: February 2009

Westville Estate still growing...

Published: May 11 2008 - Property Reporter

Westwood Mall to open next year

Published: October 2007 - Business Report

R800 million estate a sell-out

Published: September 2007

Westville units a sell-out

Published: March 2007

Westwood Mall

Ronica gets top job at Westwood

Published: 25 July 2008 - Highway Mail

Mall wets its roof

Published: 18 July 2008 - Highway Mail

Roofwetting ceremony at the Westwood Mall

Published: 18 July 2008 - Daily News

Seen at the Westwood Mall roof wetting - Part 3

Published: 18 July 2008 - Daily News

70 Days To Go...

Published: 17 July 2008 - Weekly Gazette

New mall away from hustle and bustle

Published: 16 July 2008 - Rising Sun

Seen at the Westwood Mall roof wetting - Part 2

Published: 16 July 2008 - The Mercury

Seen at the Westwood Mall roof wetting - Part 1

Published: 15 July 2008 - Highway News

72 Days To Go...

Published: 15 July 2008 - Highway News

Go West if you want some great shopping

Published: 13 July 2008 - City Press

New Westville mall close to completion

Published: 10 July 2008 - The Mercury

New Westwood Mall creates jobs

Published: 10 July 2008 - Daily News

Mall to open in September

Published: 04 July 2008 - Highway Mail

Spoilt for choice

Published: The Crest

Rising out of the dust

Published: 06 June 2008 - Highway Mail

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